Courtlye Musick – Anita and Martin Felton, Anne Gray and Gareth Jones –  specialise in the authentic presentation of Renaissance and Medieval music. 

With an easy, accessible style welcomed by audiences young and old, we’ll aim to charm you with recorders from tiny garklein to towering great bass; but we may startle you with reeds including shawms, rauschpfeifen, sordunes and crumhorns; or stir you with the wait band sound of cornetto, sackbut and curtal; and sooth you with strings such as viols, rebec, lute and harp.

And, of course, we could not let you go without a song from our repertoire which includes music from all over renaissance Europe. The clear voices of the consort are a feature of every performance, as are the carefully researched readings, chosen to bring the music and history to life.

We have worked nationwide at festivals, historic events, weddings and banquets and we are experienced on-stage musicians for Shakespeare’s plays. Some of our performances have been broadcast on radio and television.